Store Features

Exterior Brick and Stone:

We stock numerous clay brick lines, concrete brick and imported bricks for residential, architectural and ICI projects. We also stock many types of natural stone and manufactured stone.


We have many finishes, insulation's and tools in stock for the stucco professional. We can make any colour you require and we can colour match virtually any colour.

Thin veneers:

Your go-to spot for manufactured and natural stone thin veneers. These are for the professional or the do-it-yourself project. We have various adhesives and membranes to ensure a perfect job.

Landscape Stone:

We have lots of armour stone, natural stone walling and concrete products for the professional or homeowner. Oaks Pavers and Walls, and Techo Block in stock and ready to ship.


Tracey keeps the largest local selection of professional masonry and stucco tools in stock and at the right price.

Specialty products:

We keep a large selection of cements, bonding agents, flashings (Blueskin), adhesives, sealers etc etc in stock.